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Child Care

An Appropriate Preschool Curriculum for Your Child

The preschool care your child receives from Adventure Begin CDE is completely designed to promote independent learning with a variety of developmentally appropriate activities. Your child will be encouraged to be creative and build a positive self-esteem. Contact our experienced staff today to learn about the current curriculum your child will enjoy.

Time for Play and Time for Learning

Our morning preschool program focuses on zoo-phonics, reading, 
and writing. With circle time and in smaller classrooms, children 
receive more guided instruction and learn more from their teachers 
and classmates. 

By the end of their preschool year, children will be able to perform age-appropriate functions such as recognizing names, letters, numbers, colors, as well as writing their own names. Word recognition and reading are highly encouraged in preparation for kindergarten.

Call us to learn how you can register your child for classes.

Let us help your child 
develop one day at a time!
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